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In Zone Zero

Permaculture Dating SiteBuilding a homestead, urban farm, finding new energy resources etc. is not without its challenges, especially if you are the only Permie in the village. Although it is good to meet people offline (which is why we have included a section for festivals and organisations) if you are geographically isolated from permaculture communities, finding Permie love and friendship can be tricky.

A Permaculture Dating Site might not be completely organic, but hey, it’s a powerful resource and we might as well use it!

This is no charge to register, you can sign up, create a profile, upload images, message and chat.  We’ve added some extra boxes on the profile for people who are only looking for friendship, work/help or resource swapping.

If you prefer to stay anonymous you can, it’s up to you how much you share about yourself.  However, please do not deliberately deceive people.  It’s not kind.  Do add photos of your project or land and tell us what you are doing.

Permaculture Dating Site

Beyond Zone Five

Permaculture Dating Site

If you would like me to list a permaculture organisation, event or community just send me a message.